Intterstellar emblom of Captainredfox

Captainredfox is the lame username of Volt Janeri (ボルト Janen) is a character whom has almost nothing to do with the Gordanian empire..

Though he is a good freind of Gordymad and this is most likely why he is on this wiki. The other possibility is that he's here to FIRE HIS LASER!!!!!!



  • Gordymad
  • Not pengo
  • Renamonguy
  • Leona
  • Himself


  • Tenguman
  • 99hedge
  • pretty much everyone except the friends and enemies...


  • Pengo/Pengu/Peng**
  • Meekota


  • He is a furre, he says this openly and even brags about it
  • He is extremly tolerante of others (Except pengu)
  • He like to be in charge, even if it's at something as lowly as a janitor crew
  • In real life he is a tech head geek who wears nitinal glasses
  • He is obsessed with Spore and the uglies books by scott westerfield
  • He may possibly be the only teen who's never played halo
  • He has multiple pet arthropods (land crab, shrimp, urchins, AN ASSASIN BUG.)
  • He like lasers and likes to FIRE THEM!!!!!