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The outside of the Crazy Captains household

Crazy Captains is an adventure series created by Gordymad on Spore Galactic Adventures. It is his longest running series and has the most episodes including three spin-offs, Crazy Captains Movie, Crazy Captains Evolution and Crazy Captains Origins.

Every character in the series has died at least once but are always back alive in the next episode somehow. Also the building (or parts of it) has blown up several times but is always back in the next episode

Creation of the seriesEdit

Gordymad first created the series when he realised that none of his other adventure series' were actually funny or seemed to be going anywhere. In realising this, he created the 1st episode; Crazy Captains Who Ate All the Eggs. Gordymad selected 9 of his favourite captains that he had already made and built them a house. In the 3rd episode "Crazy Captains Spoffit Catchers" he introduced a new character who would appear in every episode from then on; the Pet Spoffit Eventually in the 12th episode "Crazy Captains ¬_¬" he introduced the 10th Captain, Leopda

The Crazy CaptainsEdit

  • Pirahna Gurus
  • Galactus
  • Soflak
  • Hunter Friend/Jekk
  • Megothok
  • Cordax (un-named)
  • Reckless
  • ZX-4322
  • Dicovictus
  • Leopda (Introduced in "Crazy Captains ¬_¬")
  • Pet Spoffit (Introduced in "Crazy Captains Spoffit Catchers") (not a proper captain)

Episode ListEdit

Crazy Captains Who Ate All the EggsEdit

You play as: Galactus

New characters (recurring): Galactus, Pirahna Gurus, Soflak, Megothok, Hunter Friend, Cordax, Reckless, Dicovictus, ZX-4322.

Special points: First episode

Description: The Crazy Captains are all arriving in the household for the first time. You play as Galactus, the last captain to arrive. After being welcomed by Soflak you explore the house freely until you find Megothok in the kitchen; asking for your help. Megothok tells Galactus that someone has eaten all the eggs and Galactus promises to find out who. The first person Galactus asks is Pirahna Gurus who confesses, but states that Galactus can't do anything about it.

"What are you going to do about it, kill me?"-Pirahna Gurus Galactus immediately kills Gurus and leaves to buy more eggs

Crazy Captains Clark and StanleyEdit

You play as: Cordax

New characters (recurring): Clark, Stanley.

Special points: None

Description: The adventure starts with all of the captains surrounding Reckless and yelling at him, the reason for this is because he invited Clark and Stanley, two of the biggest idiots in the universe, to the house. When they arrive Cordax goes to greet them, they come in and smelling something good in the kitchen; make their way there. The kitchen explodes almost as soon as they enter. ZX-4322 calls Cordax over to him, explaining that he has a plan to kill Stanley which is that he has magically planted a mine inbetween their house and Clark and Stanley's house. Cordax goes over to Stanley and tells him to go back to his house and fetch a fire extinguisher to put out the flames the explosion created. The plan works perfectly but Clark is still alive, however, due to his bad luck a meteorite comes from outer space and directly hits Clark, killing him.

Crazy Captains Spoffit CatchersEdit

You play as: ZX-4322

New characters (recurring): Pet Spoffit.

Special Points: New "Captain"

Description: All of the Crazy Captains are waiting for Dicovictus to cook their dinner which is supposed to be four fresh Spoffits with fruit on the side. However, Dicovictus explains to ZX-4322 that while he killed and shaved the first Spoffit the other three escaped from the house and ran off somewhere. ZX-4322 agrees to go out and find them and Soflak says that he is going to the pet store to get a Spoffit to be a pet.

"NOT for eating, but for a pet"-Soflak With help from a random Spoffit herder, ZX succeeds in re-capturing all three escaped Spoffits and brings them back to Dicovictus who prepares them for eating. Just before the meal starts though, a giant "King Spoffit" crashes through the wall and says that he is going to kill the Crazy Captains in revenge for the four dead Spoffits. However, he is no match for the combined power of all the Crazy Captains (except Soflak) and is quickly defeated. After the death of the King Spoffit the doorbell rings and ZX-4322 goes to see who it is, it's Soflak who has arrived back from the pet store with the Pet Spoffit.

Crazy Captains Spooky NightEdit

You play as: Hunter Friend

New characters (recurring): Clark Zombie, Stanley Zombie

Special Points: None

Description: Hunter Friend, Pirahna Gurus, Reckless and the Pet Spoffit all wake up in the middle of the night after hearing a terrifying scream. The four set off in search of the source and eventually come to a strange tomb, Hunter Friend read from the tomb stone:

"Here lie Clark and Stanley"-Hunter Friend Immediately, two zombified versions of Clark and Stanley come out of the ground and, realising that Stanley's death was the Captains' fault, tried to attack. Before the battle could start however, another meteorite entered the atmosphere and crushed the zombies, possibly saving the four Captains' lives. The ordeal over, the four return to bed.

Crazy Captains DinnerEdit

You play as: Megothok

New characters (recurring): The King

Special points: None

Description: A group of the Crazy Captains are gathered round the table and starting to eat dinner (unknown if this is the same dinner as at the end of "Crazy Captains Spoffit Catchers" as not all of the Crazy Captains episodes are in cronological order) but then the doorbell rings so Megothok goes to answer it. He opens the door to find "The King" (meme) standing outside.

"Mah boi, this dinner is what all true warriors strive for"-The King The King then starts to attack. Megothok retreats back into the house for cover to find that The King has used his powers to distort the inside of the building! The sofa is blocking any hope of Megothok retreating into the safer areas of the house, being diagonal with Dicovictus on the lower side, throwing up out of the window and Gurus on the upper side, stuck! Realising that there's no escape, Megothok goes to face The King. After a long and terrible battle though, The King is defeated. This does NOT mean however, that The King's horrifying work is undone, as Megothok returns into the house he finds Gurus still on the upper side of the sofa, yelling at him to get him down.

Crazy Captains is Getting OldEdit

You play as: Pirahna Gurus.

New characters (recurring): Gordymad (human).

Special Points: Announcement of the Crazy Captains Movie.

Description: Pirahna Gurus is taking a nap, but is woken up by ZX-4322 who claims that the great creator Gordymad has arrived to make an announcement. Gurus and ZX proceed to the living room and speak with Gordymad, who says that he is finding it difficult to come up with new ideas for Crazy Captains adventures so he is going to make a new spin-off series called "Crazy Captains Movie". But while they wait, Gordymad will entertain the audience by having the Crazy Captains ripped apart by a swarm of Clark and Stanley zombies. Gordymad magically dissapears and the zombies appear outside the house. The Crazy Captains begin to panic but then convince themselves that they are safe inside the building. The zombies then break through the walls and attack. After a short battle Gurus recieves a transmission saying that a rescue ship is nearby, he honourably leaves the other Captains to die as distractions and retreats to the rescue ship

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