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Gordymad with his 2nd in command; Gurus and one of his commandos; Galactus

Welcome to the Gordanian Empire WikiEdit

This wiki is basically an add-on to spore roleplayers wiki so if you haven't been there go now (! If you have been there feel free to edit a page so long as you're a spore roleplayer and if you're not then why are you here? If you aren't but have a spore account and would like to learn about the spore roleplayer Gordymad then feel free to read the information!

Describe your topicEdit

This wiki exists because there was too much information for a couple of pages in spore roleplayers wiki. This wiki is about the army led by the Spore Roleplayer Gordymad and all things/people related to i including:

  • Series' made by Gordymad
  • Friends of Gordymad E.G Tenguman, Lestrange, Captainredfox, Renamonguy
  • Enemies & Ex-Enemys of Gordymad EG Lestrange is a Ex-enemy
  • Captains of Gordymad

And pretty much anything else to do with Gordymad :P

Latest activityEdit

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