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Gordymad skipping around like an idiot

Gordymad... the most epic being in the universe AND the leader of the Gordanian empire itself. Read on about his epicness..


Legend says that one epic day the epic Gordymad epicly emerged from the epic portal to the epic universe of epic where only epic stuff is. Unfortunately legend was wrong.

Gordymad used to be some AI in a green comet flying through space. One day this comet went to this planet and hit some guy named Tenguman who was taken away by scientists to have his new body built. Sometime later, the scientists salvaged the wreckage and found Gordymad's AI. So they took him to their lab and built him this really epic body (but they first screwed his head on the wrong way round) with all these awesome abilities, he was powered by duracell batteries.

After Gordymad accidently "bwaaaahed" and destroyed half of the planet. After this, the scientists decided he was now powerful enough to defend himself and let him take to the stars. To this day, nobody is sure whether the scientists releasing Gordymad was the best idea or not.

Gordymad quickly made friends among his creations and managed to summon a massive empire that he named after himself (The Gordanian Empire). He of course, named himself emporer.

Soon after that Gordymad met Tenguman (in his new improved body) and they decided to battle. After the battle Gordymad was given his "Dark form" which appears whenever he is killed and is seemingly invincible.

Pretty soon after his battle with Tenguman Gordymad became pretty well known as a Spore roleplayer and made friends (and enemies) among the other roleplayers.


Gordymad is one of the few Spore roleplayers with the mech archetype as a body design, his head is a strangely cuboid shape. His left arm has two claws and his right arm is that of a laser gun (making it very difficult for him to open a book). He also has wings that allow him to fly at over 9000 miles per hour. No one is quite sure how, but Gordymad is also able to transform into a flying tank
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No one knows where the treads go when he's a robot


  • Tenguman
  • Lestrange (currently)
  • Renamonguy
  • Captainredfox


  • Anybody not on this list


  • Pengoharrisfan1
  • Lestrange (formerly)
  • Sliggoth
  • Johnthedragon


Gordymad's first battle was with the Spore RPer Tenguman (as mentioned above). It started with Gordymad firing his lazor at Tenguman (he was blissfuly unaware that Tenguman had a built-in defense mechanism against lazors). At sometime furing the battle Tenguman used his Golden Hammer to obliterate the planet Gordymad was on (he escaped just in time). It ended with Gordymad using his "God's sword" move to kill Tenguman. However, a strange black substance started growing out of Tenguman's body, it devoured Gordymad, killing him. It then started to transform into a new planet to replace the one Tenguman destroyed. The substance then ressurected Tenguman. It also spawned a new Gordymad from itself, permenently fusing itself with Gordymad's core and creating Dark Gordymad

During the battle with Tenguman one spore user called Lestrange challenged Gordymad in an attempt to "defend" Tenguman. The battle went on for a while but eventually Gordymad decided to use all of his abilities at once and critically injured Lestrange who was forced to retreat to a hospital

One day when Gordymad was just minding his own business however, Lestrange returned in some kind of power-up suit that proved too much for Gordymad, Gordy was cut down and killed easily. Suddenly, a black watery substance started to cover Gordymad, Gordymad turned black, he grew four orange glowing eyes, he grew frills, he had become Dark Gordymad for the first time. In a matter of seconds, Lestrange even in his power suit was killed by Dark Gordy. When Lestrange was finally dead, Dark Gordymad turned back into regular Gordymad, alive and well.
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Dark Gordymad

Soon after this incident, Gordymad was captured along with Letrange's many other enemies and put in a cell in a Rakiz prison (sharing a cell with Infernohammer was the worst thing you could imagine, trust me). However, Gordymad's chief general, a Pirahna called Gurus led an assualt on the prison to try and free Gordymad. The mission was a success and negotiations were set up with the governer of the prison. Eventually, both sides came to an agreement that there would be peace if Gordymad would give them the means to revive Lestrange, which they did.

However, the peace was not to last, because at the time unbeknown to Gordymad, Lestrange was to war! There were more hostilities. Gordymad decided to call a meeting with Lestrange and his ally Sliggoth to settle the matter peacfully. However, during the meeting Sliggoth stated that he, himself was also a ally of gordymad! Lestrange immediately fled the scene, automatically declaring war on Gordy and Sliggoth. Lestrange also decided to put his mind into a Rakiz body to keep himself safe
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Lestrange as a Rakiz

It wasn't long before Gordy was captured (again) with Sliggoth and put in the same Rakiz prison that he was in earlier! Lestrange decided that it was too dangerous to keep them alive as an attack force would surely free them so he evacuated the building (except for Sliggoth and Gordymad) and, while watching from outside, destroyed the building. Sliggoth and Gordymad were both destroyed in the process but then Gordymad became Dark Gordy once again. Dark Gordymad destroyed all of the Rakiz guards and knocked Lestrange out cold.

When Lestrange awoke, he found himself in a prison cell with Gordymad peering into the cell. Gordymad informed Lestrange that he had let him live because he only wanted there to be peace so he was going to trust Lestrange to let their differences go. He then let Lestrange leave, trusting him to his own fate.

Unfortunately Lestrange decided to betray Gordymad's trust and after putting his mind into another cyborg body for disguise, managed to convince Sliggoth to betray Gordymad. They soon managed to (along with a large army of Rakiz) corner Gordymad. They immediately opened fire and killed Gordymad. Gordymad though, once again, became Dark Gordymad. He used his powers to destroy the army of Rakiz and grabbed Lestrange by the throat, snapping his neck. Sliggoth grapped Lestrange and fled. Taking Lestrange to the hospital, the surgeons were forced to put Lestrange's brain back in his Rakiz body in order for him to survive. After the operation Lestrange went to his private estate at a secret location to plan and plot his revenge on Gordymad.

Unfortunately, Lestrange had no time to plan as Gordymad's spies had located his estate and the Gordanian empire had begun a massive assualt. Gordymad and Gurus went down to Lestrange's estate personally and had a final battle against Lestrange. Eventually they both realised that they were so evenly matched that if they kept fighting the whole universe would be destroyed before one of them would win. Lestrange and Gordymad both agreed to put their differences aside and united. Gordymad called off the assualt. There would be no more fighting among them.

Some time before Gordymad joined the ADL, Lestrange (who was a member at the time) warned Gordymad that he had found out that Sliggoth was an ally of InfernoHammer. Gordymad and Lestrange immediately took action and united against Sliggoth. There was a huge battle and nobody was sure who was going to win until Gordymad

unleashed a laser so powerful it nearly knocked him off his feet

(Before that Lestrange crippled sliggoth by chopping him with a Lightsaber) The laser blasted Sliggoth in half, killing him. sliggoth has not been seen since. And that is the legend of those 3!

Many months later, Gordymad was bored so he decided to re-start his battle against Tenguman. Gordymad made the first move but promptly forgot about Tenguman's defense against lasers because he's an idiot and used the Roblox "action tool" to shoot a laser at Tenguman. But tenguman wasn't having any of that, he blocked the laser with some kind of force field and fired it right back at Gordymad, killing him instantly
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Ima blocking your lazor!

However, Tenguman had forgotten about Gordy's Dark form which then appeared, Dark Gordymad then stole Tenguman's bucket (?). This move unsuprisingly had absolutely no effect on Tenguman so Tenguman used the Goldeon Hammer move to remove Gordy's core. He then called Momaru to do purification on the core. Gordymad then turned back to normal and the battle ended as a draw